The Pixies were formed in 1987. Hailing from Boston this fourpiece comprised of the following members:

Black Francis: Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Kim Deal: Bass Guitar and Vocals
Joey Santiago: Lead Guitar
David Lovering: Drums

The pixies started when two college room mates at u-mass, Joey Santiago and Black Francis (then Charles Thompson), found the need to start a punk rock band. they stayed up nights playing guitar and smoking as much pot as they could find. The songs came, and later the rest of the band. Joey and Black Francis put an ad in the paper looking for people to join their band. a young lady, Kim Deal, saw the ad and decided to try it out. She told Black Francis that she had a bass, but she needed money to have it mailed to her. He gave her $50 for the shipping, and she joined. Kim also brought the forth member into the band, a drummer who played at her wedding. It was going to be her sister Kelley, but she had no desire to play. So Kim called up David Lovering. Only a month after rehearsing in David's garage the band started to play shows. Who knew that this this small punk rock band would change the face of music for years to come. Who knew that their music would motivate hundreds of young punkers to create bands in the image of their heroes. Who knew that they would become,,,,,THE PIXIES.

Jerrod L Porter

They simply took the underground music scene by storm (well they practically re-invented it). It is my own humble (and that of many more prominent music journalists) that The Pixies were the most influentual alternative band ever. The fruits of their efforts can be seen in just about every great and many good nineties bands such as: Nirvana, Radiohead, Sparklehorse, Adorable, Sugar (although Bob was there even earlier), Placebo, etc.

Paramount in the Pixies sound are Kim Deal's extroardinary basslines. The bass driven verse followed by exploding guitar chorus to become so familiar post-Nevermind was begun and perfected right here. Whilst their music, particularly Francis's vocals and Santiago's lead, was never the most clean cut and professional, it always maintained a captivating and contagious energy, a real buzz and exuberance that positively screamed genuine at the listener. Above all Pixies songs were invariably enormous fun and probably the biggest compliment I can give them is that every time I listen to one of their albums it makes me desperately want to start a band.

Robert Porter